About us

Vega Transport - trucks

We specialize in road transportation of any kind. We deliver your freight safely and on time, but that goes without saying. We want to go one step further – to ensure that we minimize the environmental impact of transportation. We are sure that ecology and economy must go hand in hand, so we implement solutions that make our transport low-carbon and cheap. 

What does this mean in practice?

Only Euro VI trucks

You can't talk about ecology while driving old cars

No place for compromise

All our cars meet the highest environmental standards

Experienced drivers

People are just as important as technology

We care about our drivers

People who know their job stay with us for a long time

Future technologies

We don't just think about the future, we act

Self-driving, electric trucks?

We are in constant contact with dealers to be at the forefront of innovation

Pan-European activity

We are a company operating throughout Europe. Not just in the European Union, but also Turkey. We have the necessary experience, which makes you feel safe entrusting us with your cargo. We are building international teams of experts, with different local backgrounds, but united by deep knowledge and a great approach to work. Companies that work with us confirm that they do indeed feel the difference.

Pan-European transport

Our history

In 2020 we set out to conquer the Polish transport market, which is one of the most competitive in Europe. It soon turned out that our approach combined with an experienced team of Polish specialists guaranteed further dynamic growth of the company. We continue to confirm that we are heading in the right direction.

Want to continue this journey with us?