We invest in our own fleet!

We have received as many as 6 new trucks in recent weeks. Our fleet was supplemented by two Volvo FH 460 i-Save and four MAN TGX 3. All cars came to us straight from the showroom.

It’s always nice when new vehicles appear in our fleet. Drivers are happy to drive even more modern and comfortable vehicles. The whole team is happy, because each new car is a signal that we are doing our job well and that the company is developing.

This time, however, the joy was double. There have been considerable problems with the supply of vehicles on the truck and trailer market for some time. When we compare the number of registered tractor units in our country in the three quarters of 2022, it turns out that it is nearly 10% lower than in the same period last year. The whole industry feels it, and we feel it – a few months ago we received information from one of the truck dealers that it would not be able to fulfil our order placed a few months earlier.

It took a lot of work and many people to look for new solutions so that these six cars could join our fleet now. But it worked!


Engineers designing modern trucks are reaching the heights of craftsmanship to reduce the fuel consumption of their vehicles without compromising ride comfort. Volvo FH 460 I-Save is a great example of such a car. It is equipped with a very economical 460 HP D13TC engine. The goal here is to maximise the use of available energy, ensuring the highest efficiency with a revolutions of 900-1300 per minute.

The I-Save technology also deserves attention. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, the D13TC engine generates 300 Nm more torque at low revs. What does this mean in practice? Maintaining a constant speed on the road will require less acceleration here, and therefore – less fuel. As a result, driving becomes smoother, more economical and ecological.


It’s no secret that the vast majority of our fleet are MAN cars. Our drivers appreciate them very much, therefore, in this year’s shopping, we have focused on them again and … so far we cannot be disappointed.

The MAN TGX was awarded the ITOY (International Truck of the Year 2021) award in 2021 and when we look at it, we are not surprised at all. Design and ergonomics are at the highest possible level here. Our drivers appreciate this car as very comfortable.

The manufacturer boasts of further solutions that reduce fuel consumption, such as predictive cruise control or improved aerodynamics. Each of them alone gives a few percent fuel savings – it is not only convenient, but also economical to drive here.


Modern trucks offer a chance for fuel savings of several to several percent compared to previous models. At the current insane fuel prices, this is even more important than ever before.

We also take the security of our planet seriously. We cannot imagine that we could plan the launch of electric truck routes, and at the same time use cars that do not meet the highest possible emission standards.

And last but not least, new cars increase the comfort of our drivers’ work. If we want to have the best in the team, we must provide them with the best possible working conditions!

Are you experienced driver and are you looking for a place where your work will be appreciated? Send your CV to transport@vega-transport.com and see what conditions you can count on with us.

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